Project information

LabOnFoil is the acronym chosen to designate the project named "Laboratory Skin Patches and SmartCards based on foils and compatible with a smartphone" (contract number 224306 for Large-scale integrating project (IP)):

  • Budget: 7,100,000€
  • Funded: 5,300,000€ (74.65%)
  • Duration: 48 months (2008-2011)

The project, co-ordinated by Ikerlan, a member of the IK4 research alliance and CIC microGUNE, aims ultra-low-cost laboratories on chips (LOC) without compromising time response, sensitivity or simplicity of use.

The user will obtain the test results using a very popular interface (a smartphone) and a set of Labcards and skin patches, where the sample preparation and detection take place.

The future mass production of these novel diagnostic components will be guaranteed by the development of manufacturing equipment. This will provide, at last, a standardised solution to manufacture truly ultra-low-cost Lab-on-a-chip microsystems. The dramatic costs reduction will be based on the use of large films instead of wafers substrates.

The smart mobile phone will offer a straightforward and vast range of communication and interface capabilities. This strategy will turn a smartphone into a portable diagnostic device. The Labcards and the skin patches will demonstrate the wide range of applications and the potential of the technology.

The right balance between relevant, feasible and efficient research.
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