Due to the biomicrofabrication results achieved within the consortium partners and its remarkable synergy with organic optoelectronics, lamination and biological reactions, it is now the moment to prioritise the integration of sample preparation offered at an ultra-low cost. The combination of these technologies will produce a successful portable diagnostic device with a full range of biomolecules to be detected (proteins, RNA and DNA), making that name meaningful. The new testing devices will consist of a lab-on-a-chip (LOC) embedded in a smartcard or a skin patch. The Labcard and Skin Patch components will be manufactured using a reel-to-reel system radically decreasing the price to 1% of existing systems (wafer based).

It is urgent to provide portable diagnostic tools to ensure rapid, affordable and simple analysis in many scenarios of our society (hospitals, airports, doctor’s practice, roadside police controls, natural environment). However, conventional analytical methods often require a large volume of sample and complicated time-consuming protocols. The more portable ones are based on low-sensitive immunochromatographic strips or electrochemical detection systems, whereas desktop systems are sensitive and semi-automatic but bulky and heavy.

The LABONFOIL mission is to create and demonstrate an innovative capability and economy in point of care systems for the benefit of society through a rapid, ubiquitous and minimally invasive diagnostic devices for health and environment. This should be the seed of a new industry.

The right balance between relevant, feasible and efficient research.
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