Unlike previous existing works, LabOnFoil counts on a unique advantage: OPTOLABCARD technology can be transferred to a reel-to-reel process and still be patterned by photolithography. This compatibility will be exploited by LabOnFoil and it will offer many possibilities to be developed in this project (Smartcard and Skin Patch packaging, OLEDs on microfluidics, affordable sample preparation). Hence, we propose that it will be possible to reduce drastically the cost of the LOCīs surface by substituting the wafers by large dry-films of negative photoresist. In fact, OPTOLABCARD has demonstrated that this principle is possible simulating this lamination process on Kapton films glued to wafers. Last but not least, the incorporation of exclusive and protected biomolecular knowledge will dramatically increase the potential of the overall technology like immuno-PCR, RT-PCR, Reagent Gelification, NASBA reaction, Lion probes and sample absorption.

Technology Process
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